“Glass, china and reputation are easily cracked, and never well mended.”

Benjamin Franklin

Kimberly is fantastic. She's quite possibly the most relatable person I've ever met and took tons of time to get to know me and my practice. She's able to point out areas of potential in my practice and helps me navigate how to make that potential a reality. She is always available when I need her and has amazing ideas on how to build my business. Thank you, Kimberly. You rule.

Dr. Rachel H., Owner, Alinea Health

Metro Phoenix, AZ

I am a new business owner, who at first knew nothing of how to run a business. I found Kimberly right as I started, thank god! She was a lifesaver, She helped me stay organized and made sure every little detail of my business was perfect and she is the most thorough person I have ever worked with. If you are starting a business or looking to grow or need any help at all, you need to call her.

Sam S., Owner, Coyote Bodyworks

Scottsdale, AZ

"I thought I was apprehensive because I am not a trained chef.... it was because I didn't feel prepared to start a business.  You are providing me with the tools to be successful.  Thank you."

Joni L., Owner, Cooking with Joni

Scottsdale, AZ

"My personal secret for success often involves trusting smart women to guide my decisions. The most successful folks I know rely heavily on people like Kimberly every day.  Kimberly has been a large part of the early victories my small business has enjoyed. Thanks Flourish!"

Ross D., Owner, Connected Medical Center

Scottsdale, AZ

"Kimberly is someone who can see the big picture when those around you are only worrying about the small picture. Do not her leave the office without having her sign a contract. Yes... she IS that good."

Steve B., Principal

Scottsdale, Arizona

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"Kimberly really takes the time to work with her clients interactively to determine the best solutions for their specific needs. She really dives in to help her clients assess what is important them in their business right now, and what their future goals are, and is able to identify areas to improve. She helps small businesses thrive! Highly recommended!"

Kelly G., Agent, Farm Bureau Financial Services

Scottsdale, AZ

"I have used Flourish's services to wind down a company, as well as to start up a new company. Flourish's marketing assistance resulted in increased sales."

Jim B., Owner, Insurance Solutions Group

Phoenix, AZ

"I knew the construction business but didn't have the knowledge or time to take care of the business side. Flourish helped get my website up, get the proper licensing required in various states, set up a cloud-based system, create employee forms, handbooks and benefits, created a business flow, with a business and a marketing plan, as well as served as a liaison for some legal matters. I've never encountered such a diverse group of talent in one place."

Al C., Owner, Reliance Building Systems

Phoenix, Arizona

"Kimberly is a problem solver, and loves the challenge of doing the impossible.  Her passion and dedication is second to none.  The investment to have her involved in your organization is worth every dollar and then some." 

Todd S., Owner, Tascon

Phoenix, Arizona

"I sought out Kimberly many times when we had a trouble spot in our organization, as I trusted her to help turn the situation around."

Bill R., President, State Savings Bank

Scottsdale, Arizona

"Kimberly always understands exactly what a project is about from the onset and how to get it done."

Deb W., Operations Manager

Phoenix, Arizona

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