Whether you need help starting your business, developing business, financial or marketing plans, developing corporate policies and procedures, analyzing current contracts and procedures, or managing regulatory and/or legal issues, Flourish Business Services is here to help. 


We are dedicated professionals committed to providing innovative solutions and high quality professional advisory services tailored to each of our clients' needs.  While our clients focus on running their business, we provide a fresh perspective to help their business grow. Flourish Business Services will help minimize your risk, increase efficiency, and save you money, resulting in increased productivity and profits. 

"Creativity is pearcing the mundane to find the marvelous."

Bill Moyers

New Business Set-Up

Flourish offers customized New Business Set-Up packages that will fit your individual needs. whether you need assistance setting-up your entity with government agencies or obtaining licenses, help with finding office space, setting up your services and organizational infrastructure, obtaining just the right technology, developing processes and procedures, or support with talent management.

Business Evaluation

Flourish helps to safeguard a strong organizational infrastructure for your company.  Whether you have specific pain points or want to ensure overall sound business practices are in place, a Business Evaluation will provide you peace of mind.


Among the areas Flourish reviews:

Business Set-Up & Administration

Financial, Logistics

Processes and Procedures

Team Talent

Vendor Management



Troubleshoot Problem Areas

Workflow and Productivity 

Talent Management

Flourish helps to minimize risk and develop a strong company culture.   Whether you are looking to hire employees for the first time, need assistance with maintaining the necessary state and federal regulations, or want to ensure that you have the right talent in place, Flourish can assist with creating an Employee Handbook, Personnel Structure Evaluations, Position Descriptions, Performance Evaluations, and Talent Satisfaction, as well as work with third-party vendors to set up Payroll and other benefits.

Mergers & Acquisition

If you are looking to acquire a business, or your business is being sold, Flourish can help cover your bases to ensure smooth transition. With over 25 years' experience helping companies navigate business changes, we have you covered to ensure minimal disruption to your staff and clientele, and that no detail is overlooked.

Business Entity Conclusion

If you have decided to wind down your business due to retirement or other factors, Flourish can help you to alleviate incurring unnecessary expenses or liabilities now and in the future. The Business Entity Conclusion package includes processing entity closure with:


Government Agencies

Licensing and Registration Agencies

Service Providers




Company Assets

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