Kimberly Bogues  |  Founder & CEO

"I am a champion of small business. I’m a small business consultant working with entrepreneurs who are talented at their craft, but need help getting their business started or have been in business for a few years and are feeling overwhelmed with the business side of their company.”.

Flourish founder, Kimberly Bogues has over 25 years' experience in mergers and acquisitions, setting up businesses, as well as helping them wind down. Kimberly has a reputation for supporting, growing, and guiding businesses in many different industries, including finance, insurance, real estate, legal, construction, non-profit, fitness, and retail, to name just a few. Her broad range of expertise includes business development, marketing, public relations, corporate facilities, and setting up cloud-based networks. Kimberly has worked first-hand on both sides of a merger, helping to acquire a business, as well as assisting in the acquisition of a company.